O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God,
and our own most gentle Queen and Mother,
look down in mercy upon England,
thy Dowry, and upon us all who greatly
hope and trust in thee.

Through thee it was that Jesus our Saviour
and our Hope was given unto the world;
and he hath given thee to us that we
might hope still more.

Plead for us thy children, whom thou
didst receive and accept at the foot
of the Cross, O sorrowful Mother.
Intercede for our separated brethren,
that they may be united with
us in the one true Fold. Pray for us all,
dear Mother,that by faith fruitful in good
works, we may all deserve to see and
praise God together with thee in our
heavenly home.

Dear Friends in Christ,

As this New Year begins, we can be forgiven for feeling a little uneasy and unsure of our future as a nation, given the political and emotional upheavals of the past months.

However, as Catholics our hope is in the Lord, who made heaven and earth and through Him all things are possible. We know the past cannot be changed and our future is in His hands, and so we must live in the present moment fearlessly trusting that He will bring us safely through these unchartered waters to safe harbours.

Scripture tells us that God is love. In John 15:12 Jesus tells us to “Love one another...” adding “as I have loved you” This is His call to us... if we love as He loves we won’t go wrong. It is with this in mind that the Northern Catholic Conference is taking as its theme this year, simply:

“Love one another.....”(John 15:12)

The NCC is renowned for wonderful fellowship amongst its guests. Feedback repeatedly tells us that people feel the warmth of that love and friendship over the weekend... but we are expected to love those whom it’s not so easy to love sometimes... maybe members of our own families and those closest to us. In the image of the Sacred Heart we are reminded that Jesus told St. Margaret Mary: “Behold the heart that loves men so much but is loved so little in return” How sad and wounded Jesus is by our lack of love for Him and each other.

Love is the most powerful of all emotions and can inspire us to do the most extraordinary things if we allow it to invade our hearts and minds. Let us not ignore Jesus’ call to love. Who knows where it will lead! Jesus is waiting for our response......

Please join us and be enriched and enlivened by our team of speakers who will empower you to respond to this call. We would ask you to encourage a friend, maybe one who has never been before to come along too!

With blessings from “The Team”

Don’t forget to display our poster and please keep us in your prayers.
The poster can be downloaded in .pdf format here